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"You'd be doing yourself a major favor by having Cody in your corner, so make sure you do that. Whatever the cost, it will be the best investment you can make in yourself."
Keith Yackey
You've Created Success. You're Living The Dream... Then Why Do We Find Ourselves Discontent?
Most people believe that in order to live a life of success and abundance, there has to be suffering. Whether it be the job you loathe, the body you let go, the family you neglect, or the overall disconnect from your own soul... things can't just be "great" and in alignment.... 
You built the body, but neglected the soul. 
Great at adding numbers to your bank account, but also the scale. 
Great parent, terrible spouse. 
Amazing spouse, terrible provider.
Sure you're jacked and rich, but you're also unfulfilled and empty inside.
You get it..... So what do we do?
When the thing we were taught to be scarce our whole lives is no longer scarce,
and our framework for survive turns to thrive, life has this uncanny way of turning upside down:
-It seems tragedy becomes more prominent. 
-Friendships and family members question your authenticity.
-The marriage begins to fall apart.
-The hiding, the trying, the medicating, the isolating, the pretending...

Inside, you can't escape the questions..... 
"Why am I here?"
"Does anyone actually care?"
"Why do I feel like a piece of shit?"
"I know my life is good, so why am I unfulfilled?"
"Why do I have this sick desire to burn it all to the ground?"
What's the point of financial success if your family is falling apart? If you are not showing up physically and in control of your body and habits, what are you actually in control of? If you're not connected, spiritually, where is your purpose? 
Cody Jefferson is a highly sought-after motivational speaker and the premier mindset/business coach for the high-achievers looking to answer the deeper questions of life, spirituality and purpose.

A former pastor of 12 years, he brings a combination of raw no-nonsense coaching coupled with an unparalleled ability to step INTO your experience and walk alongside you, personally and professionally.

An expert on mindset, behavior patterns and human potential, Cody will call your purpose out of you in a way you've never experienced and then hold you accountable to the abundant life you deserve.

When not doing the work thing, Cody will be most likely be found with his wife and 3 kids, getting into adventures outside.... or tearing apart a Harley or two in his garage, as a mechanic of 20 years. 

I do what I love to do what I love. 
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Here are some real people that you can listen to....
"Cody has this incredible way of holding you to your highest without letting you get away with your excuses or entitlement while also really seeing, hearing and respecting where you are. That was the game-changer."
Alexandra Covucci
"You'd be doing yourself a major favor by having Cody in your corner, so make sure you do that. Whatever the cost, it will be the best investment you can make in yourself."
Keith Yackey
"Imagine your ideal life RIGHT NOW, Cody is the man to help you get there. He is a transformational leader."
Liz Benny
"My life and business are in RUN mode because Cody the time to WALK with me and get to know me, plant the seeds, and to help me move forward. Cody is the guy who is your pilot. He is the guy to lead you. We all question living up to our potential, it's whether you choose to take a step and take action. "
Mike Karpenko
" I was projecting unworthiness and Cody helped me build an entirely new life in my power. Now, my life is completely different and I cannot believe all that's transpired."
Jess Scott
"Cody sets the example through practicing what he preaches so that when he's walking a client through a difficult season, he can really stand side by side with them, empowering them through his own journey. If you're considering working with Cody, I suggest you take action immediately. "
Brandon James Duncan
"No One Will Walk Alongside You And Pull Out Your Greatness Like Cody..." 
Before we go any further,
I want you to know upfront that there are a few people this opportunity is not for...
This is NOT for you if....
  • You're not committed to follow-through
  • You're looking for an easy, "magic" solution 
  • ​You need everything to be hard
  • ​You're not interested in improving every area of your life
  • ​You're sensitive to constructive feedback
  • ​You've yet to experience any financial success in your life
  • ​You don't consider yourself exceptional
  • ​You don't believe your body is paramount to your success
  • ​You have no interest in helping people
  • ​You prefer the "hustle" mentality as opposed to the "alignment" mentality
  • ​You're not committed to investing in yourself in a way that challenges you
This IS for you if:
  • You're committed to taking action
  • You love learning new things and expanding how you view reality 
  • ​You are successful in many ways, but you're ready to experience FULFILLMENT
  • ​You provide real value to your clients, organization or job 
  • ​You're looking for REAL results for yourself 
  • ​You are going all-in on your body, the only vehicle you have for transformation
  • ​You're more committed to where you're going than where you've been
  • ​You're ready to get real, get open, and let go of what's holding you back
  • ​You are ready to invest in your life and business without putting yourself in financial crisis
  • ​You're positive, enthusiastic, and an overall FUN person to be around and work with
"I was nervous to commit at first, because it was a lot for me to commit. But I realized this was a commitment to myself. I soon realized Cody has this way to allow true breakthrough to happen. My  career and financial milestones and goals are being met, as Cody has an endless source of tools to pull from... but that really happens because of the high focus Cody observes and demands of success in all areas of life.
Stevie Chow
"I was stuck. I was frustrated. I knew I was meant for more. There was a pain in me I couldn't face. I'll be honest: in less than a month, this experience has changed every aspect of my life. I look at my pain in an entirely new way because of Cody's guidance, the way he asks questions I've never thought to ask and his unrelenting support for me ."
Julian Rosen
"I met Cody at a time in my life where I was showing up as a victim. I was confused, pissed off, and drinking too much. I had just gone through a divorce. I can tell you there has been no more powerful experience than working with Cody Jefferson. My life has been completely transformed and increased my capacity to show up in every area. If you're thinking you're alone, that no one understands, that no one can help you.... Cody can."
Keith Gregory

I can't say thank you enough to my coach, Cody Jefferson. I hired him two months ago and little did I know he was about to totally transform my mind/life. Not only has he has helped me break down so many barriers but also helped me experience break through, too. He made me challenge every belief I had. I never got away with one sentence answers. He always wanted more for me. He never let me settle the easy way. What I thought I wanted in the beginning has totally changed now. He has taught me to believe in myself...like TRULY believe in myself. He'll forever be one of the pillar's that shapes the course for my journey! You're the best coach ever! Truly.
Taylor Giger, Real Estate BadAss & Speaker
When I first started working with Cody, I was finalizing a divorce and was completely directionless of where I wanted to go in life, having left ministry after nearly a decade in it. As a result, I realized that I had always played my life on everyone else's terms. So the very first thing Cody had me do was figure out my why. I had never done that before, beyond trying to fit a certain image for everyone else. But he asked me to dig down deep into myself and figure out who I wanted to show up for, and what it would take to do it.

This wasn't the answer I was expecting at all to It wasn't easy. I honestly felt anxious and lost for a solid week. Questioning everything about myself, and everything about all the stories I had told myself over the years. When I finally came up answers it felt like I was able to skip over a giant and slow inevitable mid-life crisis to answer the difficult questions of my life right now. I wanted to be able to serve a new generation really well, and I wanted to do it through writing a book.

This wasn't the answer I was expecting at all to come up with, but it was suddenly crystal clear. Because of that, Cody's coaching changed my belief about what was possible, and how quickly it could happen. The things that I thought would take me years – with the habits and systems Cody helped me put into place made it possible for me to accomplish them just in three months.

This wasn't the answer I was expecting at all to In those three months. I finished writing a book, sent it off to an editor, lost 25 pounds, was lifting heavier than ever at the gym, and found myself opening up relationally and romantically again.

All because I started showing up for myself and my why, first and foremost, every single day before I even thought about how to do anything for anyone else. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that working with Cody has been one of the most fruitful, transformative, and effective times of my whole life.
Steven Choi, Author & Communicator
We were all meant to do more in life than just simply exist. We were meant to THRIVE. Not simply survive. Were the past few months of making that SHIFT within myself to move forward easy? NO!! It was A LOT of work and a lot of pushing forward and uncovering a lot of issues to guide myself towards a greater version.

I remember my first call with Cody like it was yesterday, feeling anxious and nervous most of the time. I was wanting to jump forward with life and just "reach my goals.” I just wanted to be "successful" in life. Truth be told though…I was not ready for success. I did not have the tools to use yet in my tool box for success. This was EVERYTHING we worked on.

What Cody guided me towards was digging deep within to uncover a lot of dirt – to uncover what was holding me back. How to communicate effectively, How to open the door of life for other people, How to LEVEL UP.

We worked on confidence, self love, self image, leadership skills, effective communication, systems, and how to add more value in order to guide others towards their more powerful and radiant version of themselves.

I can say with the utmost confidence that I NOW have the tools in my toolbox for success!

Coaching is there for those of us who are wanting to LEVEL UP our life. For those of us wanting MORE. For those of us no loner excepting the feeling of being stagnant! Start walking towards those things that fear you the most versus pulling back from those things in life you fear! THIS is the pathway.
Jason Shalkoski, Entrepreneur & Coach
If You've Made It This Far, There Is Really Only One Logical Thing To Do.
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