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Cody has established himself as one of the leading motivational and informative speakers in the country.
His unique skill for taking complicated issues and breaking them down into simple easy to understand terms is one of the reasons he consistently receives the highest overall speaker rating at high-profile events. 

With over 15-years of experience conducting seminars, delivering keynotes, emceeing conferences of 300 to 5,000+, hosting multi-day workshops, delivering over 1,000 presentations and leading over 50 intimate masterminds, he has developed a unique style that simply WOWs audiences. He's a true storyteller.

Your audience will come away engaged, entertained and equipped. 


Embrace The Lion: Mastering Self-Leadership

Do you ever wonder how certain individuals possess a certain drive? They are more motivated in the workplace while thriving at home and in their personal lives. How does an organization cultivate a team of highly-motivated, focused and winning members that are successful in every area of life?

In this persuasive and provocative keynote, Cody contends that the success of a business/organization starts with the personal success of the individuals involved. 

Cody will lead with not only motivation, but with practical and tactical frameworks to start achieving goals in and out of the workplace. To become a strong leader in your work, family, and community, Cody leads your audience in discovering how to lead themselves FIRST using the 4-Pillars of Cody's signature system: Embrace The Lion 

HEAD: How You Treat Your Thoughts
HEART: How You Treat Your Relationships
HEALTH: How You Treat Your Body
HABITS: How You Treat Your Time

Key Takeaways:
1. How To Create Powerful Daily Habits That Ensure Success
2. How To Gamify Habits In The Workplace
3. How To Create Lasting Momentum and Success In And Out Of The Workplace

L.I.O.N Method: Creating A Life Of Personal & Professional Fulfillment

America boasts the highest level of employment in decades, but something seems to be amiss. With an historic and robust economic expansion and the all good news surrounding it, there seems to be large cracks in the system. The mood, for a lot of people, appears angry, discouraged and resentful. 

With over 50% of the workplace claiming to be unhappy in the workplace, this life-changing talk centers around FULFILLMENT. After leading thousands of employees, executives and entrepreneurs, one thing is clear: WE ALL SUFFER BURNOUT. Learn the key mindset and habit shifts necessary to realign your passion and purpose to your current pursuits. 

Cody challenges the status-quo of "punching a timeclock" and "working for the weekend" as a symptom to a much deeper ailment: lack of personal and professional fulfillment.

Drawing from decades of scientific research, as well as real-life examples from billion-dollar companies, professional athletes, and his own personal journey, Cody will paint a clear picture of how individuals are inspired, how leaders are made and how championship teams are formed. 

This highly-engaging, highly-equipping keynote is based on applying the L.I.O.N. Method to your personal and professional life. 


Key Takeaways
1. How To Live A Life ON Purpose, FOR Purpose
2. How To Create a Powerful Mindset Through Personal Autonomy
3. How To Create A Culture of Fulfillment And Feedback In The Workplace

PAIN II POWER: Turning Your Mess Into Your Message

This nationally recognized keynote was birthed out of Cody's deep need to reconcile the excuses and pain of his own life to show not only himself, but also his son, what was possible in the midst of losing your very soul. 

A thriving pastor, communicator and professional musician of over 12 years, Cody had the "perfect" life.... until it all came crashing down, seemingly out of nowhere. After being blindsided with a very public divorce, Cody then went on to bury 8 family members and friends over the course of a year, all to unrelated tragedies. While losing everything, he continued to show up as the "yes man" and the guy with the smile, addicted to affirmation and later alcohol behind the scenes. 

Just when things couldn't get worse, they did. His body went septic in 2016 and at a 106 degree fever, he was dying. Losing over 25lbs in a few days, he meandered to the bathroom of his hospital room and looked himself in the face to utter words that changed everything; "What needs to die in you to become the man you said you’d be?"

From that point on, everything changed. Stepping out of public ministry, Cody was able to fully step into the passion of his life: true, radical transformation. 

Now happily remarried with 3 amazing kids, Cody is regarded as one of the leading voices in personal development and entrepreneurial coaching. He leads a community of over 15,000 men and women, travels the country as a speaker and communicator, and is an equity partner in 3 other companies. 

Cody is now regarded as the authority on helping highly talented, over-achieving, affirmation-addicted entrepreneurs, professionals, pastors and coaches in leading their movements while thriving in every area of life. 

In this ACCLAIMED KEYNOTE, Cody will use his dynamic use of storytelling and empathetic yet powerful leading to compel every person in attendance. 

Key Takeaways
1. You Are Not Alone In Your Adversity
2. Pain Is The Greatest Gift We're Given When It's Transformed
3. The Setback You Currently Experience Is The Setup For The Goodness To Come

"Absolutely loved sharing the stage with Cody. You can tell that speaking and leading is as natural for him as breathing. I need to get him on my show!" 

Tom Bilyeu, Founder of Quest Nutrition, Keynote Speaker

"Cody is my brother from another mother. His sincerity and passion are contagious, and he is furthering the message of living out your purpose by DOING IT and doing it with PASSION! His SETBACK was his SETUP to greatness."

Tim Storey, Acclaimed Author, Speaker and Life Coach

"Cody has a true gift with communication. He had the entire conference in the palm of his hand, and you rarely see someone take as much time as he did throughout the total event to meet as many people as he did. I was like, 'this guy was definitely a pastor and loves people.'"

Ed Mylett, Entrepreneur, Ranked Top 50 Wealthiest Under 50

"The challenge of this entire conference came from Cody Jefferson and I hope it resonated as deeply with you as it did for me. What would happen if you created a meaningful conversation that went beyond your entrepreneurial endeavors and into the heart of the person in front of you?" 

Dan Clark, Top 10 National Speaker Hall Of Fame

"I love any opportunity to share a stage with Cody. He has more talent in his pinky than most have in their body: his delivery is effortless. You can FEEL his passion. It's an experience. Mark my words, he will be one of the most in-demand speakers within 5 years."

Keith Yackey, Founder of Amplify Conference
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Dan Clark
Sharon Lechter
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Ryan Michler
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