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Daily Wisdom

Whatever it is, you gotta go all in. No toe-dipping, just full-out cannonball into the deep end.

You got this one life.

Fear paralyzes you.
You make excuses.
You settle.

You procrastinate, which is to make the arrogant assumption that God owes you another day to do what He called you to today.

Want to be a better husband?
Man up and be the man you said you’d be.

Want to be a better dad?
Get off your phone, out of your head and be present.

Want to be a better leader?
Remove your need for approval and focus on becoming the obvious choice in the room.

Want to get in better shape?
Go to the gym today and stop eating trash.

Want to find purpose?
Go serve people.

I’m not here to convince you of anything. I left my tugboat days within 4 walls and behind a pulpit.

This platform serves as a lighthouse.

ETL was founded not to save your life. It was a pathway for me to save my own.

We do things our way.


We’re redefining what success looks like without the turmoil of your souls sacrifice.


All of it.

You’ve got today. That’s it.

Procrastination is the arrogant assumption that God owes you another day to do what He’s called you to today.

Most people settle.
Most men live a soft life, peppered with success in a couple areas, wondering why feel like there’s constantly something “more.”

That’s because there is.
A ton more.

More of everything.

You don’t “find” your purpose.
There’s no magic book that will drive you toward it.

You create it.
Every damn day.

You delay the cheap dopamine of instant gratification for something of substance.

You dig deeper.
You push harder.
You love stronger.
You lead relentlessly.
You live in gratitude.

It’s not complicated.
There are no victims.

Most create complication to confirm the complacency of their souls consistent consternation.

As for us?

We won’t stop.
We’re just getting started.

Suit up or stay in the stands.

Either way, you’ll find us on the field and in the game.