I’ve spent much of my professional life, over the past 20 years, making genuine connections between individuals, businesses, and corporations that are not only strategic, but mutually beneficial.


I’m a builder of people, companies, leaders, and teams. This comes in many forms: coaching, masterminds, networking, and speaking.


I owe much of what I’ve accomplished to the pastors, coaches and mentors I’ve had in my life. As a former pastor of 13 years to a now life and business strategist, I work 1:1 with Kingdom men who I feel like I can help, support, and provide opportunities to, both in life and in business. This is an application and interview process.


First and foremost, I am a man of faith and a man deeply committed to his family. My wife, Sarah, along with our two sons: Stetson and Tytus, live in Oklahoma. We love the rural life and the simplicity that Oklahoma has to offer, along with the hospitality. Both our families are here and you couldn’t pry us away if you tried.

Professionally,I’m a builder of people, companies, leaders, and teams.This comes in many forms: coaching, masterminds, networking, and speaking. I lead a mastermind for Kingdom-Men in business called Roundtable, and there is nothing like it. I’m also a partner in a Marketing Agency, Sell The Story (STS), where we focus on working with for-purpose companies in strategic growth through full-stack marketing and development.

I am a board member to several companies, and am invested in a multitude of verticals, from solar to roofing, home restoration to affordable housing, as well as private lending. I also contribute to Forbes and Rolling Stone regularly on the topics of life, business, strategy and culture.

Most of the time, outside of the routine of daily work and travel, you’ll find me in my kids corner. From assisting in coaching baseball and wrestling to assimilating the dads of our school district, being a dad is what makes me tick. Every day, we are setting a standard: all of us. Now, it may not be the one you wished you were setting; whether as a husband, co-parent, parent, athlete, child of God, business owner or executive Good news is, you’re here and you already recognize there’s more. And my friend, I’m here to tell you…there is.

Lastly, I’m a man who enjoys the simple pleasures in life. Give me a house that’s home, a hand to hold, healthy kids, a hot grill and a running Harley and I’m easy like Sunday morning.


A principle I live by is to not create an emotional experience where there doesn’t need to be one. In a culture so dependent on dopamine and how things “feel,” I believe that we are called as men to act on logic, first. So you’ll find that, both in how I approach my life and my coaching, there is an emphasis on identity confirmation. “If this is who I say I am and am becoming, what actions reflect that man?” From there, we simply pursue a vision of excellence in all we do, integrating our life (personally and profesionally) into one fulfilling, impact-driven vision.

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