Embrace the Lion was founded in 2017.

The idea was simple: help good men become great. I had been in occupational ministry for 13 years prior, and I noticed a pattern (both in myself and other men in positions of leadership, influence and high-achievement):

We were all really great at being all things to all people.

There are few things more dangerous to a man's potential than his natural talent, charisma and the comfort of his own isolation.

There's so much we want to do:
Goals to accomplish..
Influence to gain...
Income to generate...
Things to prove...

And it's not that we're not grateful.  It's not that we don't recognize the success in front of us... it's just that there's a longing for more. There is an addiction to accomplishing that most people don't understand. 

We find ourselves at this crossroad of the DESIRE for more and the GUILT of desiring more... so for many, we bury the influence we are called to because the anxiety, frustration of that anxiety, and the Impostor syndrome of being seen as THE MAN but feeling like a failure behind closed doors.

There is a problem with being naturally talented at most things: you learn to coast in your comfort and you burn out in your busyness.

Your 65% is someone else’s 100%.
You easily command the energy of a room.
You find that most things come easier to you.
You hear things like “is there anything you can’t do?!”

This is called "THE LAW OF THE LID"

The problem with being at the top of your circle and community is there's nowhere to go. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with... and so long as everyone is cool with your "good enough," you'll never feel the push to grow past it. This is why we exist: to push you further, faster and to hold you accountable to the man you're called to be.

Not only that, but for those of us raised under a particular religious framing, wanting MORE is often equated with being selfish. We bury our potential and the fierce leader inside of us because we're taught to play nice, be good, be grateful and live a simple life.

I don't know about you, but it got to the point where the frustration of my own soul's settling became too much.

So what happens if nothing changes?

While we find success in one or two pillars of life, the others are falling apart.

What do you do?

You focus on the business and let your marriage go to hell. 

You focus on the marriage while the finances plunder. 

You focus on the money while the stress destroys your body.

And we haven't even talked about personal fulfillment...

Have you ever asked: What's the point of all this if I'm sacrificing my soul on the altar of my success?

You ever feel like you're literally killing yourself to move the needle forward, but you can't seem to make the progress you know you're trying to achieve....  and you can't get over the guilt of even feeling bad for yourself because you're confronted with the bed you've made of trying to be all things to all people, making covert contracts of acceptance, addicted to affirmation and never feeling like anything more than a mediocre man because you know you're living a soft life.

That’s why Embrace the Lion was created: to provide the clarity, brotherhood, frameworks, accountability and coaching to ensure you become the man (the leader, husband, father, athlete) you were called to be....

The lion that you know is inside you, once you stop showing up like a domesticated house cat.

We do this by focusing on 4 Pillars:

Head: How we treat our thoughts, beliefs and actions
Heart: How we treat our relationships
Health: How we treat our body
Habits: How we treat our time
If you're a man looking to have it all in your life, relationships and business without sacrificing your soul on the altar of your success, I suggest you join us.

Fill out the application. We will jump on a call and I will share with you how we operate, where you're a good fit, and what your next steps are.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I don't say this lightly.

It would be devastating for you to ignore the urgency of this moment.

The world is rapidly shifting in real time, and your family, your team, your community and your clients are looking for you to lead with conviction, clarity and certainty.

So right now you must make a decision to let me help you create that clarity, cultivate that certainty, to pivot from where you are to where you want to go and to rise up as the powerful king you're called to be...

...Who consistently steps into his power, leading from passion, to fulfill his purpose while maximizing profits by leveraging the proven weapons found within Embrace The Lion.

Apply for my ELITE 1-on-1 coaching now! 👇🏼

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