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5 Reasons Your Son Isn’t Listening To You

1. He doesn’t know you.
Does your son know what makes you a man? Does he know your passion? Does he witness you win? Does he watch how you lose? Does he see you go head-to-head with your own inner voice and prevail? Does he watch you sweat? Bleed? Laugh? Cry? If your son doesn’t know you, how do you expect him to trust you? Trust isn’t a biological default.

2. He doesn’t feel known by you.
When was the last time you sat and asked your son deep questions? Do you know what his dreams are? His fears? His challenges? What he’s proud of? Who he’s into? His friend circle? Are you challenging him to be his best, because you know him well enough to know what his passions are? Or are you living out your childhood dreams and traumas through him?

3. Your words don’t match your actions.
You can’t expect your son to take you seriously if you don’t take your word seriously.

You’re distracted, telling him to pay attention.
You’re overweight, telling him to run faster and push harder.
You’re emotionally distant, telling him to be open.
You’re spiritually bankrupt, on his case to go to church.
You’re financially stressed, but faking it for the masses.
You’re financially independent, but you’re never present.
You’re not a leader, but you’re telling him he has to.

4. He sees how you treat his mom.
Make no mistake, your son is watching how you treat his mother. Whether married, in relationship or co-parenting, he’s watching how you treat the women in his life and he’s assessing his respect for you and for them based on the actions around him. He won’t respect you, or anyone else, because he won’t learn how. And he won’t learn healthy intimacy and consistent pursuit.

5. You’re kind of a dick.
Maybe he knows you, but you’re not all that fun to be around. Always stressed, overly critical and perhaps never fully present. The anxiety and overwhelm of all you’re called to and what you’re trying to create has you sacrificing the very relationships you’re building it all for.

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