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Daily Wisdom

Be ready for war, because it’s always on the edge of what you desire.

Be ready for war, because it’s always on the edge of what you desire.

At times, you see it coming.
Often, you won’t.

It will be a sneak attack disguised as your fears, assumptions, past traumas and it will manifest slowly.

Whether business, personal or intimate relationships, every new and unprecedented level brings with it a new level to unlock.

Objective awareness will help you to see the obvious.
At other times, you will miss it and the attack will knock you back.

You’ll sabotage.
Your anxiety will win.
Your fears will take over.

You’ll take the punch, not recognizing the internal wounding. Body shots. Gradually wearing you down and you don’t know it… you just know somethings “off” and so the edge increases, the frustration builds and the anxiety becomes overpowering.

Remember, you haven’t lost.
Momentary failure is simply feedback to the fear the voice in your head is speaking into and over you.

You’ve not been here before, so you must learn and adapt in real time.

You must fight THROUGH the frustration, through the setbacks, the business breakdowns, the intimate dismantling and the personal hell to face your fear head on.

This isn’t about simply owning it.
This isn’t about words or promises.
This is about daily work to dive deep and create a new reality; hands up, feet set, eyes focused.

How do I know?
I’ve done it.
I’m doing it.
I’ll continue to hold myself accountable to the man I’m called to become.

For myself.
For my son.
For my family.
For those I love.
For you.

The feelings follow the action, so whether you recognize the patterns of your fear-based propensities or they’re brought to your attention, you do one of two things:


Most will choose flight.
We choose to fight.

Remember, everyone’s got a plan until they get hit in the mouth – Mike Tyson

You’re going to take hits, repeatedly.

The key is in the conditioning,
The preparation,
The adaptation,
The mindset,
And the recognition that getting knocked down and knocked around doesn’t mean you’re on the mat knocked out.

Keep getting up.
Keep fighting for who you are,
Who you’re called to be,
And for what you want.

Fight for it.
I’m in your corner.