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Daily Wisdom

Doing what is required, in and of itself, isn’t difficult

Becoming the man who’ll commit to that action; THAT is what’s difficult.

The work is simply that: work.
A series of daily objectives and actions of intentional direction focused on a desired outcome.

A more intimate relationship.
A stronger body.
A larger bank account.
A deeper spiritual life.
A more robust sense of self.

None of these are complicated.

We complicate to procrastinate and to pontificate; to rationalize our own fears, inconsistencies, propensities and preferences.

The mantra is simple: do the work.

Every day.

This isn’t a conversation of complication, simply a conversation of consistency.

Mastery is a focus on doing a simple thing, perfectly.

A man can live in his feelings,
Sedate his frustrations,
Detach with ideological fantasy,
But the FACTS of the FRUIT will tell the truth.

It’s all possible, and it’s far more simple than you’re convincing yourself it needs to be.