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Daily Wisdom

Don’t Tell Them, Show Them

Stet’s first (of many) trip to California was a massive success.

He left a little Oklahoma tumbleweed and came back home a California Redwood.

Grateful, most of all, they Stet got to spend a few days with two of my very best friends, @keithyackey and @jessemarquez3.

He got to soak in how we do life, an experience he will always carry.

He made a new friend in Jovi.

He got to experience successful men speaking into his life and over his present and future.

Bro, the kid even cold plunged for a minute!

I tell Stet every day how grateful I am to be his dad, how proud I am of who he is and the man he’s becoming.

There is nothing better than being this young man’s dad.

I’m here for it.