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Daily Wisdom

Few will understand the internal war you wage as you confront your current success and still recognize you’re leaving so much on the table.

It’s cool to be grateful and want more.

Most won’t understand.

Just know, you won’t ever reach what’s possible for you so long as you stay in circles that never push you past your comfort or offer objective accountability from the realized positioning of where you want to be.

When people perceive your 60% as 100%, you get comfortable. You also get addicted to the accolade….

Real talk: this is why most of the brothers in Lion:Elite were lacking fulfillment.

This is especially true when you tie your PURPOSE to a higher calling…

You literally feel like you’re sacrificing your soul on the altar of your success, because you start doing things just to do them, thinking THAT will fill the void.

In reality, everyone suffers:

• You.
• Your family.
• Your friends.
• Your clients.
• Your community.

This is because you’ve grown accustomed to pouring from an empty cup, and you’ve surrounded yourself with people who are constantly thirsty and offer no water.

If you are a man leading a movement, or you know you’re called to lead one… and you know you’re leaving so much on the table:

• Income.
• Impact.
• Influence.
• Passion.
• Purpose.
• Power.

I would have you consider the “law of the lid.”

You are only going to grow as fast and as high as those around you.

When I was a pastor, I’d preach a message called “Survey Your Circle” about the friends you keep….

Somewhere along the way, most forget the lesson.

Or if you haven’t, you’ve become a victim to your own surroundings… you’ve become the highest achiever of your circle and you don’t know where to go from here…

This is why Elite is so successful.

Not only are there the frameworks to take your personal and professional life to uncharted waters of success and fulfillment,

But it’s the COMMUNITY and ACCOUNTABILITY you ACTUALLY NEED from A-LEVEL Players in all areas of coaching, business, systems, fitness and more.

We are the brotherhood where iron sharpens iron.

If you’re interested in the game we’re playing, DM me “Elite” & I’ll get you details