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Daily Wisdom

Here’s the problem with most personal development and why you keep sabotaging??

There’s too much talk ABOUT things. The personal development space is one of circular talking, often re-enforcing defenses, rationalizations and excuses packaged as personal empowerment.

We procrastinate. (And justify that it’s a response to anxiety.)
We intellectualize. (Just buy another book and read about why you’re still stuck)
We blame. (What they’re saying doesn’t work for me)
We grow apathetic. (I just don’t feel it)

Your growth doesn’t happen just because
-you woke up early
-you keep a gratitude journal
-you meditate
-you work out
-you say your affirmations
-you invested in yourself
-you buy books to read about your trauma, frustrations, excuses + anxieties
-you check therapy off the list

Your growth happens when:
-everything around you falls apart
-your kids become disconnected from you
-your spouse/partner says they’re done
-your job is terminated
-your health declines
-your business fails
-your friends leave
-you’re left to yourself
-you recognize you’re sabotaging
-you recognize your patterns


You fight for what is right.
You fight for who you love.
You fight for what you love.
You fight for who you can become.
You fight because your kids are watching.
You fight because no one gets to control the outcome of your life but YOU.

You fight because as much as you want to believe the voice that says, “see, told you..”, you choose to fight your own inner demons and inner voice through every healthy and useful tool and resource at your disposal.

And it is hell, because you have to take full account of where you are, the reality you created, and what you’re going to do about it.
Your pain deserves better.
You deserve better.
Those you love deserve better.
It’s the catalyst for your power.

It’s one thing to create a vision and say what you want.

The real progress comes in cultivating the consistent habit of being a skeptic to your own inner-limiting voice, confronting your patterns and consciously doing different things.

No blaming.
No excuses.
Just ownership.