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Daily Wisdom

I want to remind you there is purpose in your pain.

Often times, we’re looking for the place… the proverbial Promised Land, but it’s usually found in the process.

Often times, it can feel like God is absent in the midst of a season because it appears dark. And often, it is.

But that doesn’t mean God isn’t in the present in the pain.

A season of preparation is often dark because, after all, there is no light in the belly of a whale.

And, like Jonah, people like us often try to carve a path of our own choosing and asking God to bless it.

We create situations, circumstances and relationships we keep praying FOR that He is trying to deliver us FROM.

I know you’ve heard me say that a man without purpose is a ship without a rudder….

And that’s true; a man needs a purpose to drive him toward his destiny.

But in the midst of a storm, one that is outside of your control but you must go THROUGH, the only purpose of the present is to remember the promise of the Provider and the One who controls the waves in the first place.

When we can come to trust the One who navigates the waters, we learn to align our own compass with the Creator’s.

This is why it’s said, “seek Me and I will give you the desires of your heart.”

As we lean more into the Promise, we find our purpose wasn’t ever a place….

It’s always in the process.

And it’s in the leaning that we find the learning…

Lean into the process of your current season and learn from it.

Why are you here?
Have you been here before?
What is this teaching you?
What must you learn?
What must you unlearn?
What do you want?
Is this getting you closer?
What must die in you?
What must be birthed?
Where is the fear?
Who comes?
Who stays?
Who leaves?

And should you find yourself in consistent consternation, tossed far too often from wave to wave, I’d have you consider that you’re subconsciously seeking storms to validate the control of your conscious reality….

Remember, pain will leave when it’s done teaching us.