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Daily Wisdom

If you own (or aspire to own) a business that requires hiring people, building teams, creating systems, and even a big ?payout on an exit…then this is where you need to be.

This isn’t a marketing meetup where we discuss how to run ads and what the new thing is we are trying to do with marketing.

Everyone has enough of those to go to (and you should).

But how many times do you pay to go absorb information and you actually discuss RUNNING A COMPANY?

I’m talking about how to bring on A-players, how to structure your teams, how to automate your systems, how to build winning cultures, how to absorb other smaller companies, how to BUILD A BRAND that isn’t dependant on you, and how to get that big exit payout that makes all the years of relentless hard work worth it.

Only other A Players are paying to be in this room.

Forget the YEARS of time you will save by having the information that will be shared…one handshake and a relationship established will net you millions over the next few years.

Stop wasting TIME and MONEY trying to build businesses on your own. We weren’t taught these things.

Not in school. Not in courses. Only with experience.

The best way to get ahead in life is to buy TIME.

Time is NOT money.

Time is MORE important than money.

The ONE common thing that every speaker at this event has is that they SPENT MONEY TO BUY TIME. They have paid people ahead of them A LOT of money to help then get to the point they are at.

Do the same for your future self and breakthrough all your business roadblocks in a 2 day period (3 days for VIPs).

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