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Daily Wisdom

If you say you want it, you better get aggressive with it

You want to know why most people never move past where they are?

They never try anything new.

Addicted to stories, pain and an identity that serves where they are…

Stuck in a hamster wheel of confirming the way things have always been to justify why they never get ahead….

If you want what you’ve never had, you’re going to need to get incredibly uncomfortable.

Nothing will mess with your head like challenging your beliefs with new ones.

Nothing will throw off your reality like creating a new one.

You have to see it.
You have to define it.

And you have to become it before you ever see it.

This is why most people never win, not long term.

They can’t commit to the vision with relentless execution.

You want to start winning?
Perhaps you stop ? confirming this “just wasn’t my year” and you take the action required to create a new paradigm and reality.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.