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Daily Wisdom

If you want to go faster, slow down. Here’s what I mean??

What if I told you I could help you get 40 hours worth of work completed in 10? That would be interesting, right?

Because that’s the “goal,” isn’t it?

You just have to “hustle” more.
You need to “grind.”
If you’re not “producing,” you’re losing. “16 hour work days? Sh*t, I work 20.”
“I work while you sleep, so I win.”

Fast cars. Big houses. Cool pictures.

Empty bank accounts. Empty dinner tables. Empty souls.

There is an entrepreneurial fetish taking over our culture, and it’s killing us.

“Just sign here.
Forfeit your soul on this line.
Exploit your friends on page 2.
Create an unrealistic version of your life in week 1.
Start a business you know NOTHING about in week 2.
Get frustrated by week 3.
Compare yourself to all of social media by week 4.
Keep grinding, your time is coming.”

Find yourself depressed in 6 short weeks.
Start self-medicating by week 8!
Question the entire meaning of your existence and self worth within 3 months.

Friends, we are in an epidemic, and it has nothing to do with the number 19.

We have created a culture desperate to be KNOWN and settling for being SEEN.

We trade intimate relationships for likes, comments, and shares.

We create a facade of perceived success and glamour while our internal world crumbles.

We isolate ourselves from friends and family because the addiction to social affirmation becomes the compass we follow on the voyage of self-discovery.

We sell our souls for an idea we didn’t know we needed or wanted.

We sacrifice REAL relationships for dopamine hits.

We find ourselves alone… isolated… broke…

You were PROMISED “success” and you’re more empty than ever before.

You equated your worth with your usefulness and social platform, and now:

You’re pulling away from your partner.
You’re spending more time on social media than playing with your kids.
You check your phone every 60 seconds.
You keep building because now it’s the only thing you’re “winning” at.

So what do you do?
You stop sacrificing your soul on the altar of your success.

You’re going broke trying to get rich.