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Daily Wisdom

I’m here as a result of doing the things I said I’d do, day in and day out, to confirm the affirmation of who I’m becoming.

Show me what you DO and I’ll show you what I BELIEVE.

Men respect a man who does what he says he will do.

Women respect and desire a man who does what he says he will do.

I set some goals 5 years ago, and I’ve obliterated every single one of them to become one of the most sought after coaches and communicators in the country.

Need proof?
Google me.

Sound arrogant?
Facts are facts, so check your feelings.

And I’ve done it all, and helped thousands of men have it all, all while living a fulfilled, happy, purpose-filled life of showing my son what’s possible and being fully present to my life.

Without interpersonal value, enterprise value is nothing more than an empty metric of perceived success.

My name is Cody, and I’m the guy top earning founders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and CO’s come to to find the answers, solutions and frameworks to the complexities and questions that money doesn’t solve.

Your success doesn’t require the sacrifice of your soul.

As a man, it is your duty to reach your potential. You should strive, constantly, to be the master of your domain in power, purpose, passion, and profit.

Not every man has the ability to pull it off, so if you’ve mastered the money game, master the rest.

This is the game of inner strength and virtue.

Purpose is not “found,” it is created.

It is not a thing,
Not a construct,
Not a job or career or a business model.

Purpose is found in the utilization of your power, profit and potential; day in and day out.

I help good men become great.

Great leaders.
Great husbands.
Great fathers.
Great co-parents.
Great athletes.
Great in their mind, soul and mission.

Anything less is a waste.