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Daily Wisdom

In a world where it is increasingly rare to see men with any integrity at all, there are factions of men that have chosen to stand for something; to draw a line in the sand not only for themselves, but for those whom they are called to cover and shepherd.

They stand here.

These men have something that is missing from the collective, feminized masses of “modern” men. Perhaps this is due to cultural appropriation or the reality that most men do not know how to be men, let alone lead others.

We’ve shamed men, claiming a toxicity of our primal nature and call to lead: to provide, to protect and to cultivate a dominion over that which God has called us to.

Society has shamed the divine birthright of our Creator, Who has called us to live, move and have dominion over that which we create.

Yet there are men, and these factions of high value men hold true to what I believe are the 4 Pillars of A Balanced Life: Head, Heart Health, Habits.

These pillars, when developed, distilled and directed towards a mans purpose, make him unstoppable. There is a mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial resiliency… a fortitude that is unmatched.

These are the elite.

A strong man is a capable man; not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. A man is called to embrace the lion within him: fully understanding his power, strength and identity as king… and to govern it well.

To lead himself, his family and his community in courage, mastery, strength, honor, integrity, empathy and vision.

This clarity will open doors no man can close.

This purpose will push past society’s propensity to pander to the Peter Pans of our society, too consumed with the ways of living like children and avoiding the clock of life that is running out for us all.

This strength, when coupled with the linked arms of other brothers, will provide a shield and wall for our women, children and for our communities.

We stand poised in a season of opportunity.
A time for good men to become great, and for great men to create movements.
The choice is yours.

Do you stand or do you kneel?