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Daily Wisdom

It’s most often those without money that say, “money doesn’t solve your problems.”

Because, for the most part… it does.
Money solves most problems.

And money, if you’re generous, can buy a great deal of happiness.

Still, it’s in solving the conversation of currency that one must contend to contemplate the complexities of their character.

Because once the money “problem” is solved, a new series of questions present themselves to be answered.

These are deeper questions, and often ones we procrastinate, as the paradigm shift required elicits a confrontation of ones beliefs, traumas, assumptions and patterns.

This is why we burn our success to the ground; it’s far easier to go back up THAT mountain than to confront the one in front of us.

We often sacrifice our soul on the altar of our success to avoid the deeper conversations of fulfillment, intimacy, joy and contentment.

Still, true success will never be realized until we dive deep into why we started in the first place, and confront the questions that opened up inside the chaos of our abundance.

Because, while money can and does solve most problems, it will never be the solution to your self-worth.

Should you find yourself in such a position, it’s time to start asking better questions.

Recognize it was never the mountaintop you were after….
People like us are addicted to the climb.

So, why are you climbing?