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Daily Wisdom

Most people will never understand the internal chaos that exists inside of those who are called to create something bigger.

Most people settle.
Most people never break out of the paradigm of their parents.
Most people accept “good enough.”

Not us.
We’re wired different.

There is a chaos we wrestle with daily.
It is an internal battle of gratitude and desire.

There is a wheel in our mind that never stops turning, a light that never goes dim.

We’re told to compartmentalize.
We’re told to slow down.
We’re told that burnout is inevitable.
We’re told that we’re selfish,
That we’re too much,
Too obsessed,
Too tunnel-visioned,
That all we care about is what we do…

But they don’t understand.
This isn’t “what we do.”
This is who we are.

You can’t compartmentalize your identity.
You can’t compartmentalize your calling.
But if you’re not careful, you will.

You’ll place your dreams on a shelf in the cupboard of complacency, every day walking by… knowing there’s a call to open the door and execute, but you don’t.

You don’t because you’ve created the container of conformity to appease your community.

You create the dissonance that dissolves your dreams out of a fear of disconnecting from the familiarity of what you’ve always known.

I’ll keep reminding you: you’ll never be “too much” for the right people.

MOST PEOPLE will never understand the fire inside people like us.
They will never understand wrestling with being good at most things.
They will never understand the weight of their words, “yeah but it’s EASY for you.”

Yes, for people like us, most things are “easy.”
But the pressure to perform,
The pressure of purpose,
The pressure of passion,
The pressure of power…..

That pressure would crush most people.

But not you.
Not us.

It’s not “arrogance,”
It’s awareness.

And when you can come to accept that you’re wired differently,
That you actually CAN have it all,
And that all that’s holding you back is the right environment, mentorship, accountability and relationships…

You’ll be unstoppable.

And while some will never understand, the right ones will.

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