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Daily Wisdom

That’s what my word has been worth this year, in speaker fees, flights and accommodations….

That doesn’t include potential deals, clients or acquisitions….

That I’ve said NO to in order to keep my word.

When I started ETL 4 years ago, I made a promise to myself and to my son that I would never be the dad that missed an event or broke a promise “for work.”

This post isn’t to serve as a pat on my back or as some sort of flex of potential earning….

It’s to say that, more often than not, I’m met with an “it’s easy for you” or “yeah, but it doesn’t cost you anything, you run your own businesses.”

On the contrary, there is always a cost.

But the INVESTMENT I’ve chosen supersedes any immediate opportunity.

That investment is in my son.

There’s no amount of money,
No accolade,
No position,
No opportunity
That is worth me sacrificing my promise on the altar of my “success.”

Interestingly enough,
You’ll find that you actually command MORE influence when you make your word known and you actually keep it, and your circle sees and observes it in real time.

Because it’s not just cute slogans on the internet.

It’s a way of life.

So whatever you’re speaking,
Whatever promises you’re making,
Whatever legacy you’re living into,

Remember that you can always make more money.
You can always find opportunity; it’s everywhere…

But you’ll NEVER get time back.
You’ll never make up missed memories.

I don’t live for money,
I live for memories…

And the life I create daily supports that vision and legacy…

And my son will never hear the words, “I wanted to, but work came up.”

I’ve not missed a game,
I won’t miss a tournament…

Tired of people talking about it…
Just be about it.

And please, someone tell me it’s “easy” for me.
I’d love it.