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The #1 Reason You Don’t Have What You SAY You Want… and HOW To Fix It????

You might be asking yourself what qualifies me (Cody) to make such a bold statement.

The truth is, I’m surrounded with successful, fulfilled people.

?I lead successful people.
?I lead accomplished men into success.
?I study successful people.
?And real talk, I’ve collected a trophy cabinet full of metaphorical and literal markers of what most call “success.”

Because yes, success does leave clues.

?Here’s the SECRET though…. lean in….

You could take the accolades and material stuff away and I’d still be the most successful I’ve ever been. Why?

Because success isn’t a status, it’s a state.

It’s not an expectation to live up to, but an identity to live out of. ?

Yet for most of us, we confuse the presentation of the external with the peace and presence of the internal.
Here’s the deal:

Desire is a paradox:
The MORE you want something and chase it, the more it evades you.

The more you interest you show, the more you repel that which you’d desire.


Well, in desiring something, especially an idea tied to an emotional feeling, you’re telling your brain you don’t have it already.

And your brain is doing a million other things to keep you “safe” where you are, so the last thing it wants is for you to go shifting identities. So it keeps you in the state you’re in: stuck. It’s familiar.

How to fix it?
Live out of what you want, don’t try to live into it.

Stop creating mental obstacles tied to who you are “not,” currently. The brain will get triggered into self-sabotage.

Instead, speak I AM statements and recognize your daily habits are there to confirm the identity you already embody.

❌I “do” not because I long to be successful.
??I “do” because I AM successful and this is what I do.

This will require you to examine your:

Everything in your life is a confirmation of what you desire and what you believe you deserve.

Success is an idea that ultimately creates a state of being. Live into it, not up to it.