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Daily Wisdom

They say you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone, just the person you were yesterday. Here’s why that’s BS👇🏼

If you’re never looking at someone path and seeing how to carve it for yourself, how do you know what’s possible?

How pathetic a life to look around and see no one you’d say “show me how you’ve built what you’ve built” to.

Sadly, that’s our culture.
Soft men leading soft lives.

If you’re confident, you’re arrogant.
If you’re building wealth, you’re privileged.
If you’re in shape and take looks seriously, you’re a narcissist.
If you’re masculine, you’re toxic.

Welcome to the new “normal.”
It was Dostoevsky who said,

“The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows he’s in prison.”

That’s the Force of Average (coined by my boy, Stewman) and it’s a cancer of our culture.

My circle is constantly leveling me up, in every area. It HAS to be this way.

I’ve got the bell notification of for any time @hardcorecloser posts, because I know its going to inspire me to go harder. We’ve been linked up since 2018 and the trajectory has been to the moon.

That’s what your circle is supposed to do.

I’m constantly comparing where I’m at to what I want, and I’m looking to my brothers, friends and mentors to show me how and hold me accountable to my word and vision.

Because they’ve DONE IT and I’m comparing where I am to where they are.

This isn’t out of a sole, petty, insecure sense of lack…

This is out of a mindset of abundance that says, “if you can, the f*ck I can’t!”

This is why real always recognizes real.

There’s an edge to it that few understand.

There’s a chaos we seek to put order to.

There’s a passion and purpose that is relentless.

If you want to stay average, cool. Keep comparing yourself to yourself. You’ll stay there.

You want to rise above?

Find some killers that’ll teach you how to pull the trigger.

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