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Daily Wisdom

Today, I witnessed a boy confront himself in battle and become a young man. (Keep reading👇🏼)

We’ve forgotten what it means for a boy to become a man.

It’s true, these good times have created soft, weak versions of a man. L

In ancient times, a boy would be sent into the woods with a knife and a spear…

“Come back with a pelt. If you do not, you’re of no use to us on the front lines of battle.”

Yes, we’ve since evolved.
But men are still men at their core…

Most have never learned what it is to tap into the chaos of their mind, the animal inside them, to let it loose and to then learn to control it.

We love to talk of a soft spirituality and a weak Jesus, lest we forget it was Jesus who said, “I do not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

Today, I watched my son let the Lion out of the cage and for 7 hours straight, continue to step on to a mat and leave behind every propensity to quit.

I watched as blood hit the floor, considering he may choose to let the pain win, which would have been ok.

But he didn’t. He didn’t stop until he was stopped.

No tears.
No excuses.
No desire to quit.

“Fix it. I’m not done.”

The bleeding was stopped. He kept going.

He left it all on the mat; every ounce of energy.

He lost.
But he won.

He knew he’d given everything.

“Losing is learning. What’s the lesson, dad? Did mom film it? Show me.”

And she did. She always records, and she always reviews it with him, as does his bonus dad… as do I.

We are raising a man.

He is tender.
He is loving.
He is funny.
He is smart.
He is kind.

But don’t you dare mistake that kindness for weakness.

We are raising a warrior.

And today, he experienced the potential of his power.

We all did.

“I’m a redwood in training,” he kept declaring.

4th place in an age division above him,

But in the game he will play and the war he will wage to become the man he’s called to be, he’s the champion.

Cheers to raising men.