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Daily Wisdom

What if this season is a wake-up call that is working FOR you?

For the past almost 2 decades, I’ve met people at their crossroads;

Doing what they’ve always done, with the beliefs and habits they’ve cultivated over a number of years only to find themselves at a place of wondering:

“Is this it?”
“Is there more?”
“I feel there HAS to be more…”
“Could there be more for me?”
“It’s not that I’m not grateful… but I’m tired of being at my kids games having to make small talk about a life that just feels like going through the motions..”
“I’ve put everything and everyone else first for so long… when do I put ME first?”

Whether as a pastor for over a decade or now as a mentor, it seems that, on a deeper sense, I help people with their resurrection story.

With the comeback.
But the comeback isn’t light.
It isn’t easy.

I attract those who’ve experienced a level of pain that most don’t understand:
Spiritual Manipulation.

Those who have been through enough to take most to their knees, yet these extraordinary individuals refuse to go down. They continue to press forward, tired and weary from putting everyone else first because that’s what people like us have always done.

But then a shift happens, and a realization that maybe there could be more.

It takes family + friends off-guard, because all they’ve seen is the serving, empathetic version people like us put out into the world. So when we pivot to something for US, it confuses people.

“But why would you choose to do THAT?”
“Your life seems so good the way it is.”
“You went through WHAT!?”
“This doesn’t make sense.”

And it doesn’t have to.
Not to them.

Maybe the fresh discovery of NOT knowing what is next is the exact place God meets you to fulfill the purpose of your life and it’s work.

And it gets to be unclear.
It gets to be a resurrection.

Because everything in you has to die in order to become who you said you’d be.

At least, that was true for me.
And it still is.
And it’s true for those I walk alongside in discovering their purpose in the pain…

Because as we transform it, we no longer transmit it.

Perhaps it’s time to confront what isn’t working.