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Daily Wisdom

Would you follow yourself into uncharted territory?

It’s a question every man should be consistently asking himself and answering with the commitment of his word and life.

Are you a man worth following?
Are you confident in the model you’re setting for your children?

Would you choose yourself as the man they follow?

Your spouse?
Extended family?

What about your block? The parents of your childrens classmates?

Are you the obvious choice they look to if things suddenly fall apart?

Do you have a plan?
Do you have a daily regimen of action?
Physically capable to protect yourself and those around you?
Emotionally resilient to think critically in high-stress to make wise choices?
Unapologetic in your capacity to do whatever it takes ensure order?

Is YOUR house in order?

Who are you?
What do you stand for?
What do your habits say you stand for?

Are you respected?
Do you even respect yourself?

Show me your habits, targets and results and I’ll give you the answer.

This is the frame of our daily mantra:
What needs to die in me to become the man I said I’d be?

Not just for us.

For our children.
For our communities.
For our churches.
For our cities.
For our states.
For our country.
For this world.

If the King in you refuses to rise, your kingdom will most certainly die.

I’d have you consider that your lack of fulfillment, joy and confidence is directly related to your inability to confront the constraints of the “nice guy” you’ve conformed to.

A man fails himself when he settles for less than what he can be and relinquishes his masculinity to the masses of the mainstream.

Our sons are watching.
Our daughters are watching.
The world is waiting.

Get yourself in order.
Get your house in order.

This is on us, men.