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Young men need strong, present fathers

We’ve become a culture so enmeshed with woke, feminized culture that anything masculine is deemed “toxic.”

Let me be clear: there is no such thing as “toxic” masculinity.

If masculinity were truly toxic, then kids growing up without PRESENT, STRONG, fathers would presumably be better off than those without dads in the home. But they’re NOT.

Statistically, they tend to be more depressed, aggressive, and criminal. We don’t need LESS masculine presence; we need more.

The idea and framing of “toxic” masculinity has nothing to do with authentic masculinity. Rather, it defines ego, arrogance, fear and a general lack of respect/boundaries/tact for others (especially women or perceived “threats” in other men). Ironically, this usually stems from a lack of strong masculine presence as a child and an overcompensation to said trauma/neglect.

We are raising MEN, not grown children with no vision of what it means to do operate as warriors. Remember, it is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

We are to show our sons how to LEAD with certainty.
We are to show our sons how to LOVE with passion.
We are to show our sons how to LIVE with purpose.
We are to show our sons how to LOSE with dignity.

We are called to be men.
We are called to raise men.
We are called to lead by example,
To speak life INTO them.

We start by raising the bar for ourselves.

Fathers focused on SETTING THE BAR, sound off below.??????